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Johan Devos, Sales Director Europe, Bertschi AG announced at the end of the Logistics & Supply Chain Session at the 52nd Annual Meeting that he will pass on the baton, as from the 1st November 2018, to Dirk Verstraeten, Director Global Logistics Procurement, Covestro Deutschland who will be the new Chairperson of the Supply Chain Program Committee (SCPC). For this occasion, EPCA presents you a short overview of the past and future Chairmanship of the SCPC.

Johan Devos recounts his time as the Chairperson of the SCPC
Looking back at my chairmanship (2014-2018), I can only admit that this was a challenging and great period, which flew by very quickly. It began, when my predecessor Raf Bemelmans (at that time: Director Supply Chain Polymers Europe, SABIC) stepped down in April 2014 and I took over quite unexpectedly, although with unanimous support. The preparations for the workshop “Talent & Technology – Drivers for Supply Chain Leadership”, that successfully took place in June 2014, were already in a final stage and also the “Supply Chain and Logistics Leaders Breakfast” Session at the 48th EPCA Annual Meeting in Vienna was being planned.



Dirk Verstraeten presents his vision and projects for the coming years as Chairperson of the Supply Chain Program Committee (SCPC).
My name is Dirk Verstraeten and it is a pleasure to introduce myself as the new Chairperson of the Supply Chain Program Committee (SCPC) as from November 2018 for the next three years. I am 51 years old and have been working for Covestro for close to 30 years. I have always been working in different kinds of operational and procurement logistics areas and therefore I sometimes refer to the fact that logistics is somehow in my DNA. Currently I am working in Global Logistics Procurement in Leverkusen which is an industrial city in Germany next to Cologne. 


The EPCA team wishes to extend their sincere gratitude to Johan Devos for his continued leadership and enthusiasm over the last four years. We look forward to developing new projects on Supply Chain & Logistics to the benefit of the whole EPCA community under the new leadership of Dirk Verstraeten and with the active support of the SCPC members.