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Report on 30th Logistics Meeting


The EPCA’s 30th Logistics Meeting was held at the Monte Carlo Grand Hotel in Monaco on 25-29 October, 2003. Delegates were welcomed by the new EPCA Logistics Committee Chairman, Denis Tual of Atofina, his predecessor, Niels von Hombracht, having had to step down due to a career change. Denis Tual pointed out that the celebration of the 30th anniversary of the EPCA Logistics Meeting provided an opportunity to consider the remarkable achievements of both this event and EPCA itself in the field of logistics over the past three decades. Not only is the Logistics Meeting the oldest event of its type and still a key gathering, it is also growing, as evidenced by the official attendance of 420 delegates. More importantly, it provides a key forum where chemical producers and their logistics service providers (LSPs) can meet to discuss topical issues of common concern to mutual benefit.

The chairman then passed proceedings over to the very capable hands of Michael Buerk, the well-known BBC TV news anchorman and good friend of EPCA, now in his 10th year of moderating the Association’s Annual and Logistics Meetings. Michael Buerk promised that the 30th Logistics Meeting, like previous events in the series, would provide delegates with much food for thought. Focusing on the theme of chemical logistics as a driver for change, the meeting - by means of two keynote presentations, two panel sessions
and two workshops - would inform delegates of the latest industry initiatives in this field and how they
are impacting chemical producers and their LSPs.