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Report of the EPCA Logistics & Supply Chain Workshop "Digitisation in the Petrochemical Supply Chain" (June 2018)

EPCA commissioned Vlerick Business School in early 2017 to conduct a research study and survey to get a better understanding of what the process of digitisation means in practice for the European petrochemical supply chain. The presentation of the initial results at the 51st EPCA Annual Meeting in Berlin in October 2017 and the publication of the final report in March 2018 revealed a strong interest for continued dialogue on the subject among EPCA members. This encouraged EPCA Supply Chain Program Committee (SCPC) to organise a follow-up workshop in June 2018 in Brussels, in cooperation with Vlerick Business School, with the aim of increasing participants’ understanding of digital transformation and its relevance in the petrochemical supply chain, and to provide a forum for discussing the tangible benefits of supply chain digitisation. The full report of the EPCA Logistics and Supply Chain Workshop: “Digitisation in the Petrochemical Supply Chainis available here.