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European Youth Debating Competition: first winners selected in Zagreb

The first of nine European youth debates (EYDC) is over. In Zagreb, Croatian youth discussed intensively the question of whether they imagine their future to be with chemicals and plastics. A jury of experts finally decided on who had done the best job debating the issues. From 50 participants, three finalists have been selected for the grand final, which will be held early October in Budapest. In the jury's opinion, these three young debaters excelled when it came to discussing plastics and chemical issues as well as innovation and sustainability

The three winners are: 1. Tomislav Veble 2. Matea Maloča 3. Luka Baković The European Youth Debating Competition, organised by EPCA (European Petrochemical Association) and PlasticsEurope will continue with the following debates: 5 May in Tarragona, Spain 27 May in Milan, Italy 31 May in Warsaw, Poland 5 July in London, United Kingdom Background A total of nine European youth debates will take place until September 2016. The three winners from the nine participating countries will directly qualify to the grand final, which takes place during the 50th Annual Meeting of EPCA in Budapest. The aim of the competition is to promote new ways to interest young adults in the STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). For more information: