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Discover the role of chemistry in everyday life

The European Petrochemical Association (EPCA) launches its 3rd education film during the Berlin mini-MARATHON // Superheroes show the importance of having a STEM educational background and underscore the innovative, multidisciplinary and cooperative approaches of the chemical industry.

Brussels/Berlin, September 14th, 2015. As part of its educational activities, EPCA (The European Petrochemical Association) presents its third education film “Petro & Chemistry: Partnership for a Better Life”. With the help of different smart characters, all based on job profiles found in the industry, this computer-generated animation film – unique in the petrochemical industry – shows how our daily lives rely on petroleum derivatives and the chemical industry in one way or another. The film is part of a series of education films and will first be presented at the mini- MARATHON in Berlin. EPCA is the official partner of the mini-MARATHON and aims to stimulate interest in chemistry and STEM1 education amongst young girls and boys.

Many European countries share a common challenge: they lack STEM-educated young girls and boys. Over the past few years there has been a significant lack of young people opting for an education and career in or for the chemical industry. Being the quality network for the global chemical business community in Europe and therefore directly affected by this development, EPCA has made it a priority project to inspire young people and foster their interest in the sciences.

The educational film “Petro & Chemistry: Partnership for a Better Life” shows the link between crude oil & natural gas and the petrochemical industry which transforms oil & gas derivatives into valuable materials with a clear focus on diversity and gender inclusion amongst its characters. The protagonists are Amir (the driller), Ingrid (the chemical producer), Wang (the transporter), Oilivia (the innovator) and the team-mascot Petro, a high-tech drone made of lightweight plastic powered by solar energy. Together they demonstrate in a playful and tangible way how the chemical industry contributes to the quality of life of today’s society whilst offering sustainable solutions. For example, access to renewable energies and providing advanced technologies for mobility, lifestyle and safety. In addition, petrochemical products contribute to sustainable solutions for the wellbeing and health care of people around the world. It also underscores the importance of people with a STEM education in the petrochemical industry.

EPCA has created a teaser prior to the official launch of the film which can be seen on the EPCA website:

“We have to convince them that studying science will give them a life that is challenging and well rewarded, and allow them to work in an industry that makes innovative products and provides solutions to challenges such as water scarcity, hunger, and climate change”, says Tom Crotty, President of EPCA.

The film was created in cooperation with EPCA’s education partners UNESCO and European Schoolnet, a network of 31 European Ministries of Education, and aims to reach and inspire young people between the ages of 10 and 18. The film will be published on the EPCA website, YouTube channel, the member companies and industry partner organizations and will also be distributed by UNESCO to its network of 9,000 partner schools.

In addition to films, EPCA’s educational activities include STEM awareness raising campaigns in partnership with UNESCO and European Schoolnet. EPCA has engaged in such activities since the International Year of Chemistry in 2011.

Picture Captions

[Picture: Petro & Chemistry Partnership for a Better Life.jpg]
The protagonists Oilivia (the innovator), Wang (the transporter), Amir (the driller) and Ingrid (the
chemical producer) and the team-mascot Petro - the Amazing PTR_OIL Super-Drone –made of
lightweight plastic powered by solar energy, on their mission for a more sustainable future.
Picture source: EPCA

About EPCA

Based in Brussels, EPCA is the quality network in Europe for the global chemical business community consisting of chemical producers, their suppliers, customers and service providers. It operates for and through more than 700 member companies from 54 different countries. EPCA provides a platform to meet, exchange information and transfer learning, and serves as a think tank for its members and stakeholders. EPCA promotes STEM education, with a clear focus on gender and diversity inclusion. EPCA also underscores that the chemical industry is a good industry to work for.


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