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About EPCA
The European Petrochemical Association (EPCA) is a Belgian based international non profit association that serves a global network for the chemical business community consisting of producers of chemicals and their service providers. The purpose of EPCA is to organize each year one or more reunions in Europe which facilitate legitimate networking and meetings between companies and open debate to the long term sustainable development of the petrochemical industry.

Members are parties having a business interest in or with the European petrochemical industry. In this industry segment EPCA is the platform to meet, exchange information and transfer of learning as well as think tank challenging business as usual approaches. EPCA membership includes logistics and other service providers working for the chemical industry, and dedicates much effort to promote health and safety as well as security in chemical logistics with a special focus on sustainable logistics and supply chain.

EPCA represents over 650 member companies that stand for an aggregate turnover of over
3.6 trillion €.

In line with its strategy, EPCA contributes to the improvement of the public image of the global chemical business community. To this end, the organization develops awareness building campaigns with the general public and more specifically with youngsters. In this context EPCA also organises educational initiatives together with specialized networks to increase the understanding and attractiveness of the chemical industry. The current EPCA / UNESCO partnership, the EPCA / European Schoolnet partnership and inGenious are part of this long term commitment to steer young people towards chemistry all over the globe.

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Chemistry: All About You

In 2011 EPCA and UNESCO established a partnership to make and distribute the film „Chemistry: All About You” throughout their respective networks worldwide. This partnership has been extended into 2012 and beyond and underlines both organisations’ long term commitment to attract and orient youngsters towards science and chemistry education. The collaboration between EPCA and UNESCO includes the distribution of the teachers’ guidelines that EPCA developed in co-operation with European Schoolnet (EUN) and the elaboration of a new educational project also in co-operation with EUN.

With the help of European Schoolnet, EPCA will distribute the „Chemistry: All About You” film in schools in 11 European countries (Belgium, Croatia, France, Hungary, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Switzerland and Norway). This initiative should raise awareness with youngsters on the many contributions chemistry makes to their daily lives, raise their interest for chemistry as a field of study and help them choose to study chemistry at tertiary level.

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About inGenious

EPCA has become an Associate Partner of the ECB – inGenious project. The European Coordinating Body in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Education – brings together major European Industries, Ministries of Education and national platforms to increase young people’s interest in science education and careers and thus address the future skills gap. The project, co-funded by the European Commission and industry, is one of the largest initiatives in this field, involving 26 partners across 16 countries and a network of about 1000 schools across Europe.

In the scope of the inGenious project, EPCA will promote chemistry and the chemical industry in schools to help convince youngsters that sciences are attractive to study and that the chemical industry is a good place to work for. EPCA’s partnership with inGenious is in line with its objectives to contribute to the long term sustainable development of the chemical industry and to contribute to the improvement of the public perception of the global chemical business community.
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