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ANNUAL MEETING 2018 - Quarterly Newsletter October - December 2018

The theme of the successful EPCA 52nd Annual Meeting “Petrochemicals and the Low Carbon Economy: Versatile Solutions for greater Sustainability” conforms with EPCA’s mission to support the sustainable development of the Petrochemical industry. This transition towards a low-carbon economy, will entail changes in business models; diversification of energy and feedstock sources; development of innovative production and transportation processes; as well as changes in culture and leadership as addressed by Marc Schuller, EPCA President and Executive Vice President of Arkema France in his introductory speech. Marc Schuller also encouraged our industry to raise its profile and achieve wider recognition for its ongoing contributions towards sustainability. This statement was reinforced by the reputable speakers, the attending delegates and the next generation of leaders who called for a greater cooperation between the relevant stakeholders.

EPCA presents the insights gained during the EPCA 52nd Annual Meeting about this paradigm shift in the Petrochemical industry in its newly published Annual Meeting Report 2018. Some highlights of this report are:

CityThe Smart Cities of the future are an emerging market for new materials and innovative technologies that enhance energy and resource efficiency. The versatile solutions provided by the petrochemical and plastics industry are key solutions to fulfill this demand.

BriefcaseThe Smart Cities need petrochemicals and plastics, but they also need smart citizens, smart governments, and smart public and private sectors collaborating to produce, use and reuse or recycle them in smart ways.

UsersEmbracing sustainability improves employee engagement and morale, which in turn increases attractiveness to new talent and reduces employee-turnover.

To complete the picture, we have also uploaded the presentations of speakers, the recordings of the Business Sessions that were streamed during the event, as well as the pictures taken by the on-site photographer Olivier Pirard, to the “Member companies area" of the EPCA website.