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29th Logistics Meeting report 


The EPCA’s 29th Logistics Meeting was held at the Monte Carlo Grand Hotel in Monaco on 9-13 November 2002.
Welcoming delegates and introducing the theme of the meeting at the Opening Session, EPCA Logistics Committee Chairman Niels J A von Hombracht of Vopak NV pointed out that change is now a permanent feature of the chemical industry. The dramatic changes that have taken place since the last EPCA Meeting a year ago are a case in point. Logistics service providers (LSPs) need to understand the process of change in order to take advantage of the opportunities it provides and to meet their customers’ changing requirements in the optimum way. Being the best in class offers the best hope for future success.

One of the key roles of the EPCA Logistics Meetings is to keep the Association’s membership appraised of the factors driving change in the chemical industry and to assist producers and their LSPs in finding cooperative solutions to problems brought about by change in order to deliver goods to the final customer in the safest, most efficient and most costeffective way possible.

The Logistics Committee Chairman went on to say that it has been one person more than any other that has driven forward the Association’s recent logistics agenda and that is Paul Evertse, his predecessor in the chairmanship role for the past five years. Niels von Hombracht said that EPCA is lucky to have Paul’s continued presence on the Logistics Committee, at least for another couple of years.

Completing his opening remarks, Niels von Hombracht mentioned that there were 416 registered delegates for the 29th Logistics Meeting, along with 67 partners present in Monaco. The chairman then handed over proceedings to Michael Buerk, the well-known BBC TV news anchorman and moderator of many EPCA meetings over the years, introducing him as “our expert, charismatic, challenging and charming moderator”.